Friday 1 March 2019

NaMoPaiMo - 2019 Done!

All done! A portrait of my gelding who had been sitting on my desk for a year, so thank you NaMoPaiMo for pushing me to finally do it. Ace of Spades <3 

Tuesday 26 February 2019

NaMoPaiMo - Weeks 2 & 3

I got my guy primed and ready to roll! Airbrushing the layers with some pastels sealed between, to help soften the transition of colour. I also used pearl ex pigments for the first time thanks to the NaMo facebook. 

I did mess him up which set me back a few days, I didn't wait long enough for him to dry.

On to white feet and details! I can totally finish him in time *cough* 

Saturday 9 February 2019

NaMoPaiMo - First Week

It seems that I only blog and paint ponies once a year for NaMoPaiMo now. I guess not entirely true I was able to paint two small Christmas presents at the end of 2018. This year for NaMo I decided to do my first Traditional (yes I'm crazy) a portrait of my gelding Ace. I had plans for this last year after NaMo but never got very far, so I thought this is the year!

He is a Yasmin body, sculpted gelding parts, Huck head and tail. Also a re-sculptured mane. 

This is a piece of the real Ace's tail hair, which I put inside the air hole. A little bit of real Ace!

My supervisor overseeing my work. 

First primer showed so many issues! Why didn't I start sooner or try to go so large! 

One spot had a bad patch of epoxy, I had to remove it right down to the blue painters tape layer. So this next week will be more prep more! ...yay


Tuesday 13 March 2018

NaMoPaiMo -- Finished Work

Here she is, I finished her just in time!

NaMoPaiMo -- Process

NaMoPaiMo was stressful this year, it had been over a year since I've picked up a paint brush but I knew I wanted to do it. Gotta get back into painting and creating this year. My model was the cantering warmblood stablemate, which I resculpted the mane on. I'm kicking myself of not taking more photos of the process. 

I had "help" in the form of puppies demanding pats. (One of the best parts that I got from NaMoPaiMo's facebook was the toothbrush sander. It saved me so much time and sore fingers!)

I started to airbrush but then I dropped her chipping her down to the primer. I was super bummed that I had to strip her and start again but looking at her I was waaay too yellow in my base coat.  

This was what she was looking like just before I sprayed her with sealer. I was happy with her colour!

Then this, I was heartbroken and time was running out! I thought it was the sealer but kind people of facebook said it's likely the primer. Which it was, as I lightly sanded it down. I didn't have time to restart yet again, lucky for me someone suggested white markings! So she was destined to be a pinto.    

Tuesday 6 March 2018


Busy, super busy! Moving house, sick family and animals. All means no blogging for and incredibly long time, sorry. With this years NaMoPaiMo I was planning to blog my journey but I ran out of hours and only just managed to finish my model. I do hope to do a post in the future of my NaMoPaiMo experience. For now here are some of the cute Breyer's I have received over the past year.

Saturday 17 June 2017

Scotty - Silver Bay Swaps

Swaps is one of my favorite molds, ever. When I saw the poll last year to vote on colors for the collectors club release I knew I would be joining the club. Must have the Swaps!  If money trees where real I would have all three colors but I received the lovely silver bay. Don't tell the others but he might be my favorite model...